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A general-purpose touch display for Fumis Alpha controllers was developed to support a full range of Fumis Alpha controllers that control biomass stoves. It was created in such a way as to make it easier for the end user to manage his stove in the most intuitive possible way. This display supports control via Bluetooth/ WIFI /remote devices.

Challenge and Scope


Elevate display performance to new heights: Our challenge is to develop a display that not only meets but exceeds industry standards for performance. The scope involves harnessing advanced refresh rates, color accuracy, and pixel response times. Implement cutting-edge display technologies, collaborate with graphic processing experts to fine-tune performance algorithms, and optimize hardware components for seamless interaction with demanding applications.

Longevity and Durability product

Extend the lifespan of displays for lasting impact: Our challenge was to engineer a display that offers exceptional longevity and is capable of sustained performance over extended periods. The scope includes meticulous stress testing, making reliable software and the creation of adaptive solutions to ensure the display remains dependable and efficient throughout its lifecycle.

User Experience (UX) Interaction

Minimal Latency: Engineer low-latency interactions for a responsive touch experience, reducing the delay between touch input and on-screen feedback to almost imperceptible levels. User-Centric Design Iteration: Continuously gather user feedback through testing and iterations, ensuring the UX design is refined based on real-world usage scenarios and user preferences.

Approach, Solution and Outcome


Our approach centers around creating a display for stoves that not only provides vital information but also enhances the user experience by integrating intuitive controls and smart features. We aim to design a display that is easy to read, operate and seamlessly adapts to various scenarios. Through careful consideration of user habits and needs, we will develop a solution that simplifies controlling processes while offering advanced functionality


Clear Visual Feedback: Implement a high-contrast, easy-to-read display that provides transparent information about temperature, stove information and stove settings. Utilize bold fonts and vivid colors to ensure visibility from different angles and lighting conditions.

Intuitive Touch Controls: Integrate a touch-sensitive interface that allows users to adjust settings with a simple tap or swipe. Develop a responsive touch system that provides immediate feedback, minimizing the need for complex button configurations.

Smart stove control/Eco mode: Incorporate a range of pre-programmed heating presets tailored to different circumstances. This feature eliminates guesswork by automatically setting the optimal room temperature.

Temperature Monitoring: Integrate temperature sensors that display real-time temperature readings, enabling precise control of overheating processes and ensuring consistent results.

Safety Alerts: Implement a robust safety alert system to notify relevant personnel of potential hazards or safety concerns promptly.


The outcome of this endeavor will be a stove display that revolutionizes the heating experience. Users will benefit from clear, at-a-glance information, streamlined touch controls, and an array of innovative features that simplify heating while promoting safety. The integration of intelligent presets and temperature monitoring will lead to more precise and consistent heating outcomes. Overall, this display solution will elevate user confidence and convenience, making controlling a stove enjoyable and hassle-free process.

Business Impact

Enhanced User Experience and Differentiation

Developing a sophisticated display for biomass stoves enhances user interaction and control. The display can provide real-time temperature readings, timer settings, and even troubleshooting tips. This level of convenience and functionality differentiates your biomass stoves from standard models, making them more appealing to consumers who value modern technology and user-friendly interfaces.

Value Addition

A well-designed display adds value to your biomass stoves, justifying potentially higher price points. Consumers are willing to pay more for advanced features that simplify their experience and enhance the performance of the appliance

Innovation Leadership

Incorporating advanced displays demonstrates your brand's commitment to innovation. This not only attracts tech-savvy customers but also positions your company as a leader in integrating smart technology into home appliances and HVAC devices

Brand Perception

Offering biomass stoves with high-tech displays can enhance your brand's perception as forward-thinking and responsive to customer needs. This positive image can influence purchasing decisions and brand loyalty.

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