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Professional tennis players pay a tremendous amount for coaching and video analysis of their performances. The result of several years of Research & Development, the Artificial Intelligence implemented in the Mouratoglou eCoaching application allows you to obtain the technical diagnosis of your serve and the complete statistics of your matches simply from your iPhone for tennis lesson price!

Challenge and Scope

Technical Limitations

E-coaching relies heavily on video analysis and communication over the Internet. Ensuring high-quality video streaming and effective communication can be a challenge, especially in areas with poor internet connectivity.


Tailoring coaching advice to individual players' needs is crucial for effective coaching. E- coaching platforms need to develop algorithms and systems that can accurately assess players' skills and provide personalized recommendations

Motivation and Engagement

Maintaining players' motivation and engagement in an online coaching environment can be challenging. Creating interactive, engaging content and tracking progress effectively can help address this challenge

Approach, Solution and Outcome


Needs Assessment: Begin by assessing the needs and preferences of tennis players, both beginners and advanced. Understand their pain points, what they seek in coaching and technological proficiency.

Technology Infrastructure: Invest in a robust technology infrastructure that includes high-quality video streaming, data storage, and secure communication channels. This is fundamental for delivering coaching content and maintaining data security.

Content Creation: Collaborate with Patrick Mouratoglou and other tennis experts to create a coaching content library. This should include instructional videos, training plans, mental conditioning exercises, and more.


Video Analysis Tools: Advanced video analysis tools allow players to upload their game footage and receive detailed feedback on technique, strategy, and tactical decisions.

Personalized Training Plans: AI-powered algorithms generate customized training plans based on players' skill levels, goals, and areas for improvement.

Live Coaching Sessions: Live virtual coaching sessions where players can interact with certified coaches in real time, ask questions, and receive guidance.


Global Accessibility: Tennis players worldwide can access high-quality coaching from Patrick Mouratoglou and certified coaches, democratizing access to elite-level coaching.

Personalized Growth: Players receive personalized feedback and training plans, leading to more efficient skill development and improved performance.

Community Engagement: The platform fosters a sense of community and support among tennis players, enhancing motivation and long-term commitment to the sport.

Business Impact

Revenue Growth

Offering e-coaching services can open up new revenue streams, reaching a global audience of tennis enthusiasts. This can include subscription-based models, one-time purchases, and tiered pricing for various coaching packages.

Brand Expansion

Mouratoglou's brand and reputation as a world-class tennis coach can expand globally, attracting a wider audience of tennis players and enthusiasts. This increased brand recognition can also lead to sponsorship and endorsement opportunities.

Diversification of Services

E-coaching diversifies the services offered by the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy. It complements the existing physical coaching programs and allows the academy to cater to a broader range of players, including those who may not have access to in-person coaching.

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